The Chagharzais or Chagarzais are a division of the Malizai clan of the Yousafzai tribe. Colonel Wylly, Harold Carmichael, 1858–1932, has described these great people in just one sentence; laeving no space for further descriptions and definitions.
The Yousafzai is an agriculturist, generally fine, well-limbed man, of a good physique and appearance with great deal of race-pride, well dressed and cheery, while his hospitality is proverbial.


Chagharzais are the descendants of Chaghar or Chagar (Chagharzai) the son of Mali (Malizai) who was one of the sons of Yousaf (Yousafzai). They are divided into three sub-divisions i.e. Ferozais, Basi Khels and Nasrat Khels


The Chagharzais occupy the country on either side of the river Indus, those cis-Indus being located on the western slopes of Tor Ghar (Black Mountain), to the north of the Akazais. The southern boundary of the cis-Indus Chagarzais is contiguous with that of the Akazais, and follows the spur of the Tor Ghar running from the Machai Sar (peak) to the Indus bank — the southern face of the spur belonging to the Akazais and the northern to the Chagarzais. On the west and north the Indus forms the boundary, while on the east the Chagarzais are bounded by the territory of the Deshiwals and of the Pariari Saiyids

Sections and sub-sections (Khels)

The three Chagarzai sub-divisions are further divided into following Sections and Sub-sections:-.[4][5]
Sub ClanSectionSub-section (Khel)
Basi KhelDaud Khel, Shahu Khel, Khwaja Khel, Kalandar Khel, Kasan Khel and Babujan Khel.
Nasrat KhelHanju Khel, Haider Khel, Lukman Khel and Badha Khel